Oil candles are a study in elegant simplicity.

When lit, the effect is magical. All that is visible is a flame dancing on the face of bare rock.

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Double-wicks, Grey stone.... $25.00 plus shipping

<<<Each Candlerock oil candle comes with a FREE filling funnel>>>

Double-wicks, Tan stone.... $25.00 plus shipping


Each oil candle is made from a flat, natural rock, and no two can ever be the same. Every individual candle rock is as unique as a fingerprint.

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Some stones are mostly tan, others mostly grey. You can choose between the two hues.

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Triple-wicks, Grey stone.... $35.00 plus shipping


Oil Candle
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$35.00 + shipping
Oil Candle
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$25.00 + shipping
Oil Candle
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$18.00 + hipping
4 wicks (not shown) $55.00 + shipping.
5 wicks (not shown) $65.00 + shipping.


Triple-wicks, Tan stone.... $35.00 plus shipping


Candle rocks are actually oil candles. Under each one is a hidden, shallow glass bowl that contains common lamp oil. The wicks pass through the rocks into the oil, and are held in place by a glass collar.

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Everything you need for your oil candle is here.  Candle rocks oil candles come preassembled, and oil is available for $3. The wicks are fiberglass, and never need to be replaced. Each one comes with a small funnel to fill the hidden bowl.

Single-wick, Grey stone... $18.00 plus shipping

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Single-wick, Tan stone.... $18.00
plus shipping


Oil candles made with pride by our craftsmen in North Carolina.


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My email is ceo "at" oil-candle.com.

-J William Bottomley

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